AMG Music Studio


'Mix' Vocals

Unleash the full power of your voice by learning to sing smoothly throughout your entire range with no 'break' and no change to power or tone. Learn proper technique through small actionable takeaway items each lesson applied to the song and style of your voice. 

Lessons are completely customized to your needs & interests!

Create Moments

As proper vocal technique becomes a habit, more attention is given to creating 'magic moments' onstage. Learn to deliver a powerful, refreshing performance every time you sing.

All good performers are really just good story tellers! 

Diversify Your Skill Set

Prepare for a well rounded performance career. Mingle with industry professionals in digital workshops. Hone your performance skills and overcome performance anxiety through open mic nights and performing practice opportunities. Learn basic songwriting, music fundamentals, music industry lingo and networking.

Prepare yourself to #Shine! 


Online Voice Lessons

Too busy to commute? Live in another state or country? No sweat! 

Learn to sing from the comfort of your own home! 

Lessons are offered every day M-F via Zoom. 

Students who study via zoom often master technique & improved ear training faster because they are forced to rely on their own pitch recognition in the online environment.


Plus with endless internet learning tools, understanding complex technique can be simplified for even the most beginning singer. 



Immerse yourself in a motivational environment for music learning!


Visit Dean Kaelin Vocal Studio in Holladay, UT or My Home Studio in South Jordan/Midvale. 

Learn to be a #Shine Vocalist. 

Gain the confidence, vocal technique, coping skills, and knowledge to really thrive in the music world whether you decide to GO BIG or Play local. 

Put it all in practice in all of the learning activities, workshops, open-mic nights and recitals. (Digital & in-person!) 

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MONDAY - FRIDAY 10:30 - 5:30PM MST

Online Every Day- Ask for specific location days for in person lessons.

Other hours available by appointment

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